Concept album pubblicato in questi giorni, The SnakeDoctor Circus si avvale della  collaborazione  d Don Von Tress  che scrisse per Billy Ray Cyrus la famosissima “Achy Breaky Heart”. “The SnakeDoctor Circus album” ha recentemente dichiarata Cyrus “certainly has a lot to say and the music reflects all my influences. My goal has always been to make music that would touch people’s lives around the world. I’m excited about getting the music to the people”. Le tracce  sono 9 e tra queste è stata scelta come singolo Angel in My Pocket,  canzone dall’inconfondibile sound country/rock.


01. Guns, Gold & Guitars
02. The Reckoning
03. Barely Enough
04. Goddess of Democracy
05. I Think Your Time’s Come (feat. Don Von Tress)
06. The Blood of the Devil
07. Angel in My Pocket
08. Take it Easy Greazy (feat. Don Von Tress)
09. I’ve Been Around