Tre E.P. ( People & Places, Truckin’ Songs e Drinkin’ Songs ) escono in questi giorni per la UMG Recordings, Inc.. Si tratta di versioni rimasterizzate dei classici del padre della country music Australiana. Per saperne di più su Slim

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Tracklist Drinkin’ Songs

1. Duncan (2:36)
2. Three Rivers Hotel (1998 Remaster)
3. Joe Maguire’s Pub (1996 Digital Remaster)
4. Old Bush Barbecue (1992 Digital Remaster)
5. You’ve Got To Drink The Froth To Get The Beer
6. He’s A Good Bloke When He’s Sober

Tracklist Truckin’ Songs

1. Lights On The Hill (1998 Remaster)
2. Something In The Pilliga
3. No Good Truckin’ Man
4. Under The Spell Of Highway One
5. Sally (The Girl On Channel 8)
6. Star Trucker

Tracklist People & Places

1. Cunnamulla Fella (1998 Remaster)
2. The Man From Snowy River
3. Son Of Noisy Dan
4. Duncan
5. Charley Gray’s Barn Dance (2004 Remaster)
6. Middleton’s Rouseabout