The highway, a symbol of freedom, recklessness and where just about anything goes and these are exactly the feelings you will experience when you pop on Randy Moore’s latest work. An incredibly versatile album ranging from traditional country numbers like “Goin’ Back To Texas” to songs that will please any Jimmy Buffett Parrothead (Sunshine State Of Mind”) . Houston’s native son delivers slice of life vignettes and does so with an easy going vocal style reminiscent of Don Williams and Johnny Cash , and with exactly the same amount of heart and humor which made these two men true legends of country music and so endeared them to listeners the world over.
Light hearted pieces like “When A Woman Gets The Blues” gives way to stirring and heartfelt tributes to strong and beloved family figures (“Paw”) and to those in need of a safe place (“Refuge”). This awesome musical package is wrapped up splendidly with yet another reminder of all the trouble and fun Randy had in his younger days “Highway 59” which leaves us hanging on and hungering for more stories of his. The highway awaits with its promises of opportunity and allure, are you with us for the ride? (Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni)