z1l0lv3 The baton, left by his father, has been passed onto Ned, who has just released this EP, whose title is closed to any type of interpretation. Certainly, from an emotional point of view, it was not easy for Chris LeDoux’s son to pursue a career as a cowboy singer. The comparison is too obvious, but the great advantage Ned has, is to just be himself, even though the resemblance to his father is overwhelming. “Forever A Cowboy”, (couldn’t be otherwise), with particular reference to the sound and the songs, is a tribute to the great Chris; 5 tracks (We Ain’t Got It All, Brother Highway, Forever A Cowboy, Johnson County War and The Hawk ), beautifully presented by Ned, that capture the listener’s attention, with his artistic talents, and not just because he is Chris LeDoux’s son. Country music, more precisely though, cowboy music, and with Mac McAnally as producer, the highest level of quality is guaranteed, from the musical point of view, throughout the whole Cd. I would like to point out the opening track, “We Ain’t Got It All”, written by Chris, which remained unfinished, until Ned decided to take it to Nashville and complete it, together with MacAnally. “We Ain’t Got It All” is a great song, and is a sort of bridge between two generations. “Forever A Cowboy” is a great Cd. Intense, the version of “Johnson County War” (recorded by Chris LeDoux for the album “Powder River”), and also some very beautiful original songs (“Brother Highway” and “The Hawk”) that point out Ned’s great writing abilities. Therefore, it is only logical for me to recommend this Ep, perhaps via Ned LeDoux’s web site; ( http://nedledoux.com/ ). “I’m grinning from ear to ear about Cowboy Forever” declared Ned in a recent interview with NashvilleGab- “Very proud of the way it turned out. Putting cowboy back in country is what it’s all about.” (Gianluca Sitta)