Gord Bamford is a great artist, as well as being a friendly and helpful person. I almost disagree with what he said during the press conference about the evolution of country music in recent decades, but I respect his artistic choice of remaining, from the musical point of view, tied to tradition, following the steps of Waylon, Hag and Hank. A brave choice that led him not to “focus” on Nashville (and this, for a country singer, is a really difficult choice) and to seek his fortune elsewhere. In Australia for example, or in Europe as well as in Canada, a country where he moved to as a child. Those who choose the most difficult, most uncertain and most tortuous way to remain faithful to their ideas, have all my esteem and my support, this is why I forgive him for some of his criticism towards Garth Brooks during the press conference. But Bamford didn’t come here to give lectures, but to sing, which he always does quite well. At about 10.30 pm, in front of a packed PalaTexas, the Canadian (born in Australia) picked up his guitar and, accompanied by a very respectable band, gave birth to a great show. A dynamic show, full of emotions that unfolded through about twenty original songs and a few covers. “Neon Smoke” and “Down” were the only two songs taken from his last Cd “Neon Smoke”, just released, whilst instead, ample space for a series of great successes that have retraced the whole artistic career of this singer from Traralgon. The show took off with “Heard You In A Song” (taken from “Tin Roof” in 2016), followed by “Farm Girl Strong”, the honky tonk song “Blame It On That Red Dress” and the fun “Postcard From Pasadena”. These were followed by “Put Some Alcohol On It” (taken from “Day Job” of 2010), “Breakfast Beer” (always from “Tin Roof”) and the beautiful “It Is Friday Yet?”, the most famous song of the whole repertoire, and song that gives the title to one of his most successful albums. Even more successful songs (among them, the melodic “When Your Lips Are So Close”), only to conclude, as encore, with the evergreen “If You’re Gonna Play In Texas”, the classic song by Alabama. Undoubtedly a pleasant concert, one of the best country concerts ever held on Italian soil where a musician in full ascent from the artistic point of view, gave the best of himself. Thanks therefore to G.B. for the beautiful evening and for having contributed in a decisive way to making the Voghera Country Festival 2019 edition a true celebration of music. One last thing … it was a shame that no request was able to be made by the public during the concert. “Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)”, “The Dance” or “Friends In A Low Places” are songs I would have very willingly requested. With the voice that he has, I am sure his rendition of these songs would have been memorable. (Gianluca Sitta)