300x300I like the country music of Erin Hay. As early as 1993, with her debut album “Somebody’s Angel”, Erin has maintained a specific style, devoting herself entirely to the more traditional country music, made in Nashville. Even this new “Blue Country Song” remains faithful to this style and offers 12 new country songs, written by some of the most famous and popular songwriters (Keith Stegall, Tom T. Hall, Harlan Howard, Lonnie C.Ratliff, just to mention a few) who have worked in Music City. Obviously, some are covers, among which, the renowned “Harper Valley PTA”, written by Tom T. Hall in 1968, and brought to success by Jeannie C. Riley, who sold as many as 6 million copies, and some are original songs, such as “Long Days” and “In Slow Motion” which, maintaining the traditional sound, offer a touch of something new and modern to the whole Cd. Traditional country music, with extensive use of fiddle and steel, but also Western swing, (Country Music’s King) and Honky Tonk shuffle (Don’t Call Me From A Honky Tonk) so as to reach the souls of each American country music lover. I must also underline her great voice, piercing and well set, showing no problem when compared to such famous songs. For info/copies Western Heart Promotion, 4557 Bloomfield Rd, Glendale, AZ 85304 USA (Gianluca Sitta)