Ron Christopher Outside The Fance (text in English)


Born in Florida, of Italian origin ( father is from the province of Chieti ), Ron Christopher is a singer / songwriter, whose music ranges between various genres, whilst still remaining true to cowboy tradition. Listening to his albums, ( “Silver Screen and Other Legends”, “Borderline Career”, “Way Out West” and the recent “Outside The Fence”) you can feel a certain style, a way of interpreting songs that surely came from listening to singers like Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash or Michael Martin Murphey, only to evolve towards a less traditional sound, but more personal, reminiscent of Tom Russell or Joe Ely. Christopher however remains an interpreter of music as well as the culture of the West. Even his previous album “Way Out West” was nominated Album of The Year by the Academy of Western Art. Just like “Way Out West”, even this “Outside The Fence” also deals with cowboys, outlaws and the American farmer. 14 tracks, all written by Ron, which tell of a world that is slowly disappearing, being replaced by modern advancements. “Takes More Than A Hat to Be A Cowboy” sings Christopher, and this sums up the main message of the whole album. However, hope remains strong and unchanged, because no matter how much you feel like a Lone Wolf, often finding yourself “Outside the Fence” in the end, thankfully, “May You Always Find A Way To Be To Cowboy”. An intense album. (Gianluca Sitta)

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