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Tyson Colman From Now On (text in english)

For a few years now, Australian country music has been living in a sort of parallel universe, both in terms of quality and professionalism, and has no reason to envy the U.S. or other countries. The link with the States … Continue reading

Jessica Lynn: Look At Me That Way (text in English)

“Look At Me That Way” is the new EP (which will be released on May 30th ) by Jessica Lynn, young singer / songwriter from Brooklyn, who on June 23rd will be in Voghera, at the Voghera Country Festival, the … Continue reading

Scott Dawson 80 Miles To Nashville ( text in English)

“80 Miles To Nashville” is a great album, full of country music in all of it’s 12 tracks. It’s author / performer is Scott Dawson, and this is his 3rd album, having already published “Dedicated Man” in 2004 and “Many … Continue reading

Shelley Minson Rockability (text in English)

The ’50s were a great period. A period in the name of hope, a time to rebuild, with a great desire to leave behind the difficult times of the World War which had just ended. A wave of optimism, of … Continue reading

Exclusive Interview with Jo Dee Messina (text in English)

In collaboration with the Voghera Country Festival, Jo Dee Messina replies to answers made by and Country Power Station in an exclusive interview prior to her concert in Voghera on the 24th June First of all, welcome to our … Continue reading

TRACE ADKINS Something’s Going On (text in English)

“Something’s Going On” is Trace Adkins’ twelfth studio album, singer / songwriter, with the baritone voice, from Sarepta, Louisiana. This artist’s style of country music has always been pretty physical, often irreverent, accompanied by funny videos. Catchy songs, great impact, … Continue reading

EL COSGROVE : Guitars & Cigars (text in English)

Officially presented to the public at the 2017 Tamworth Music Festival,(the largest festival devoted to country music, that takes place in Australia ), “Guitars & Cigars” is El Cosgrove’s debut recording, a young redheaded singer / songwriter, who grew up … Continue reading

March 12 2017 LONDON (C2C part 3) text in English

“Tempus edax rerum”, as once said in Latin, and, unfortunately, we have reached Sunday March 12th, the last day of the 2017 edition of the C2C. Remarks will be made tomorrow, but today belongs to Zac Brown.There will be, during … Continue reading

March 11 2017 LONDON (C2C part 2) text in English

Rain clouds in the London sky welcome us to the Saturday evening of the 2017 edition of the C2C, but, as they say around here, if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, and, sure enough, the afternoon sun … Continue reading

March 10 2017 LONDON (C2C part 1)-text in English

All of a sudden the lights go out in the O2 Arena. The silence is suddenly broken by the deep sound of the bass drum beat that syncs with every heartbeat of the 20,000 fans present. On the mega screen … Continue reading